Finance, Business Services, Real Estate

Consolidated Working Environment

Project Description: The establishment of a consolidated working environment in order to improve efficiency, accessibility and service delivery for the residents and community of Bitou Municipality – “Coming together project”
Municipal Area: Bitou

Housing Development

Project Description: Major housing development containing 2000+ residential houses, catering for five different affordability ranges
Municipal Area: George

Economic Business Hub

Description: The development of an economic business hub/center for local emerging businesses, which will serve as an incubator to enable emerging businesses to enter the formal economy
Municipal Area: Hessequa

Convention Centre

Description: To deliver a convention Centre in George (to service the Eden region) that would provide meeting, convention and exhibition services and facilities for local and international organisations and their guests.
Muncipal Area: George

Integrated Rapid Public Transport Network and Urban Design

Description: Integrated Rapid Public Transport Network and Urban Design for the George CBD: Land use responses around live, work and play environments. Infrastructural upgrades
Municipal Area: George

Light industrial, warehousing and logistics precinct.

Description: Construction of a new, fully serviced, light industrial, warehousing and logistics precinct. This modern precinct can be designed to facilitate the smooth operation of large logistics concerns to support the airfreight, next to the George Airport. Accessible from the N2 freeway
Municipal Area: George

World-Class Convention and Exhibition Centre

Description: A world-class international convention and exhibition centre, knowledge city, creative university, research facilities, a sport centre and sport science centre, medical tourism section and schools. The commercial component will contain a shopping centre and leisure ‘shopper-tainment’ facility.
Municipal Area: George

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